Maldives : Vera

As promised in my previous article here's the shots I did on Vera. Vera is originally from Bali and has been working in Maldives for the past few years. She has never done any shoot before and definitely not a bikini shoot. She was pretty shy at the beginning but she got over it. With encouragement and guidance, she did well. Here are some of the shots.


Maldives : Island Getaway


Just four days in Sri Lanka wasn't enough to experience all it has to offer, especially the city of Colombo. There's so much to see and document. Will have to leave that for next time. It's time to head south west to the Republic of Maldives - an island nation so small that you can hardly even spot them on the map. And Sri Lankan Airlines takes me there.


Sri Lanka : North Central Mini Pilgrimage

Sri Lanka is a paradise that is often overlooked by many travelers. Once known as Ceylon during the British colonial era, this island is a place filled with wonders and ancient heritage of more than 3,000 years. Sri Lanka alone has eight World Heritage Sites. Thanks to Hybrid Travel and Sri Lankan Airlines I had the opportunity to do a quick survey on the mini pilgrimage tour. Images in this post were shot with Sony RX100M3(indicated), Nikon D750 and Nikon D4.


Tokyo : Narita Stopover

If there's ever a need for you to transit in Narita with a layover of over 5 hours, you might want to visit the Naritasan Shinshoji Shrine founded in 940. Located near Narita International Airport, it's a train ride away. I had a 10 hours transit on my way to a wedding assignment in Los Angeles last autumn, so I paid a visit this shrine.


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