USA : Orange County

Throwback. This is a series of belated journals that I have forgotten to put up. It's been nearly two years and it's about time I post this up. I did a post about my stop over in Narita on my way to the US. This is actually the continuation of that post. I was in California on wedding assignment for a Japanese couple and traveled to a few parts of US. Most of the shots here were taken with Sony A6000 and some on Nikon D800E.


Tiger Air : Climb - Tripping Out

Tiger Air in-flight magazine Tiger Tale. Page 55-57 center spread story. Published May 2016.


Lenovo Vibe Shot


When I received the Lenovo Vibe Shot I was excited to try out it's new 16megapixel OIS IR Auto Forus camera. As a professional photographer I expect a lot out of a camera even if it's a smart phone's camera. After using it a a month or so, here are some of the shots taken with the phone's camera. This is not a review but more of a sharing of my personal experience after using the phone and it's mainly on the functionality of the camera. The images shared here are not edited, only resized. [Smartphone]


Tokyo : 2015 Halloween - Shibuya T2 Club

HALLOWEEN. TOKYO. After spending hours on The Streets of Shibuya I headed into one of Shibuya's famous club called T2 Shibuya. I spent my Halloween HERE last year and it was good to be back. Halloween is a big celebration in Tokyo. Japanese youngsters spend a lot of time and effort on their costume, making them from scratch to customizing them, sometimes as early as a month before. And tonight they wore them out for trick or treat!


About Me!

Andy was born in the beautiful city of Kuching and brought up in a humble family. He fell in love with the art of photography when he was working as a volunteer onboard the humanitarian vessel, MV Douglos. He is self-taught in the art of photography.

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